Clinic marketing: Focusing on people.

Our priorities

Effective communication provides guidance and unlocks success for clinics and social institutions.


Marketing for hospitals – the key topics:

  • Retaining & motivating employees

    Healthcare is a prime example of an industry where employer branding makes all the difference. In addition to finding your target group, we know exactly how to get through to them.

  • Attracting patients

    How do you market healthcare? From finding your target group to structuring the campaign to managing the release of content, we know what counts and what works.

  • Establishing new areas of business

    It’s all about adopting a strategic mindset and following a communication plan that will expand your business – and we’ve got you covered!

  • Repositioning & image enhancement

    What do you stand for as a company, employer, and brand? Through discussions and workshops, we find this out together and make it understandable to everyone.

  • Mergers & partnerships

    Bringing multiple brands and cultures together successfully requires a delicate touch and understanding. We develop a new identity that works for everyone.

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