DRV Nordbayern

Recruitment campaign

Screenshot of the header image from the website for the DRV Nord personnel campaign with the key visual (showing a young woman who is smiling and holding an open book with markers in front of herself) and the claim “Sei sinn-sationell!”


DRV Nordbayern is a pension insurance fund employing almost 3,000 people in Germany. At its three major administrative locations in Bayreuth, Würzburg, and Nuremberg, 7 rehabilitation clinics, and several smaller branches, employees work in a wide variety of roles. But the number of people applying to train or study in this field is noticeably declining, and that trend is set to continue. We were tasked with raising DRV Nordbayern’s profile as an attractive employer, targeting young people looking to change careers.

Several screenshots from the DRV Nord personnel campaign website, which includes the hero image, a list with benefits and job listings among other things


Flavour developed a recruitment campaign built around genuine testimonials from DRV Nordbayern employees. The people featured are tightly framed to convey the idea of closeness and community. They appeal directly to the viewer to do something worthwhile, to be there for others, and to take on responsibility. A unique claim mirrors the confidence of the employees themselves and positions DRV Nordbayern as an unconventional employer.

Screenshot of the employer video on the DRV Nord personnel campaign website with accompanying text “We as employers” and a button labelled “Learn more”


  • Defining employer’s added value
  • Concept, content, design, and technical implementation of the campaign landing page
  • Campaign concept
  • Communication materials: trade fair booth, flyer, ads
  • Photo & film shoots
  • Support for ongoing media campaign (more to see here soon)
Billboard from the DRV Nord personnel campaign with the claim “Sei sinn-sationell!”: a qualified nurse gives a double thumbs-up and grins
Portrait of smiling Lothar in coworking space

Generations Y and Z want jobs that offer a sense of purpose. Concepts behind recruitment campaigns must factor in this shift in mindset among applicants.

Lothar Reusch

Text & Concept

DRV Nord personnel campaign stand with seating and background which is illustrated with the claim “Sei sinn-sationell!”
Unfolded flyer from the DRV Nord personnel campaign advertising an integrated degree program and containing more information about the job and the application process
Ad from the DRV Nord personnel campaign with the claim “Sei sinn-sationell!”
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