Brand essence & screen design


PARI offers special devices and inhalation solutions to treat lung and bronchial conditions. For the past several decades, the company has also been the world’s leading provider of nebulisers used to treat cystic fibrosis. Looking to the future, PARI wanted to be able to respond quickly to changes in product range, objectives, and customer expectations. What’s more, the company was keen to speed up its handling of priority issues, increase its brand recognition, and find a clear way of communicating its brand values.

Screenshots of two views with descriptive text and a contact form from the PARI website


  • Brand repositioning
  • Content strategy
  • Strategy for reframing communication
  • UX & web design
  • Design for the entire online presence
  • Content creation
Screenshots of various modules on the PARI website allowing insight into different image motifs: an older man with glasses is wearing an oxigen tube in his nose and smiles


What began with a simple website briefing evolved into the complete repositioning of the PARI brand. Flavour used workshops to first develop a custom keyword strategy. With the help of customer journeys for the different target groups, the company’s focus shifted more towards patient needs. This is how we redesigned the brand essence to create a fresh screen design – with a modular structure and clearly worded copy.

Two hands holding a tablet on which a view of the PARI website can be seen with multiple content modules
Screenshot of the product page on the PARI website: 8 products including short product descriptions in a grid of cards
Approx. 4-year-old child with blue inhalation mask sticks his thumb up and laughs under the mask

Medical technology made simple

  • Repositioning

    The new brand essence makes the PARI range more accessible and tangible for the target groups

  • Additional value

    Practical examples improve patients' quality of life

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