Website launch

Mockup of the GIEAG website in a Macbook with hero image and the claim “The GIEAG projects – more than 20 years of value”


GIEAG is a family-run, listed property company focusing on project development, portfolio management, and portfolio development. It was looking for a more modern website, which would present the three asset classes – office, logistics, and residential – in a clearer and more up-to-date way. In addition, GIEAG wanted to expand its investor relations section and position itself as an attractive employer to potential applicants.

9 screenshots from the GIEAG website arranged in a rectangle: various sub pages with company facts, the employer branding page, a team gallery and more information


The result is rather impressive: Flavour developed a clever content structure as well as a user journey based on a variety of personas. This produced a website where content is arranged in a logical way, allowing different target groups to immediately find what interests them. To convey the desired feel of a modern company that is also down-to-earth, the principal design elements are expansive and impressive views of properties, pleasant images of people, and friendly typography.

Two overlapping mockups in smartphones, one showing the GIEAG website, the other the GIEAG logo on a dark blue background
Screenshot of two illustrations from the GIEAG website for office, logistics and residential leases and investments into housing
Screenshot of the contact detail from the GIEAG website with a call to action to send an e-mail if interested in learning more about the strategy and individual objects


  • Website concept
  • Content coordination
  • Web design
  • Content management
  • Web programming
  • Technical maintenance for the website
Mockups of The Nest page in a MacBook and a smartphone against a light background

Building a future – with a new online presence

  • Website launch

    We established GIEAG’s website as a central communication medium

  • Image enhancement

    The new online presence accurately represents the company by conveying size, performance, and personality

Arne sits grinning at his MacBook in the coworking space with his hands on the table in front of him.

GIEAG is a family-run, listed company, so it needs an online presence that conveys professionalism, but also authenticity and approachability. We managed to strike that tricky balance through modern and attractive web design.

Arne Saxe

Creative Director

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