DRV Nordbayern

Clinic marketing: Website relaunch

Screenshot from the homepage of the DRV Nordbayern clinics with a hero image labelled “7 rehab hospitals in one strong group” and the main navigation of the website


Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) Nordbayern operates a network of 7 rehabilitation clinics, which offer a wide range of services. Now that patients have more say in where they want to undergo rehabilitative therapy, DRV Nordbayern is under fierce competitive pressure. The challenge we faced was to strengthen the network’s overall online presence, including the individual clinics, to increase its impact, attractiveness to patients, and competitiveness.

Screenshot from the website of the DRV Nordbayern clinics with the clinic film and FAQs alongside the main navigation


Based on the results of branding workshops with the clinics and a detailed SEO analysis, we developed a communication concept that helps the clinic network stand out more clearly from its competitors. Working within DRV’s options for CMS, we reimagined and redesigned the user prompts and look of all its websites and optimised all the content with regard to emotionality and SEO. Flavour also produced an image film for each clinic as well as new, authentic visual materials.

Multiple screenshots of sub pages of the website of the DRV Nordbayern clinics on a blue background
Mockup of a contact details page in a smartphone on a dark blue background


  • Branding & positioning workshops
  • Website concept
  • Web content
  • SEO strategy
  • Photo shoots
  • Video shoot / image film
Amadeus sitting at his desk in the coworking space laughing.

Developing a uniform and user-friendly information system that’s compatible with the structures used by all clinics and the network site was a real challenge – but one that we succeeded in solving.

Amadeus Stadler

Website Concept & Design

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