Thought leader campaign


Autodesk wants to be seen as the first point of contact for leadership in architecture, engineering, and construction, and position itself as a solution and strategy partner. For its communication, that means creating trust between Autodesk and potential customers, less on the product level and more on a personal one.

Mockup of an Autodesk ID badge for a trade fair
Two men are engrossed in conversation at a trade fair.
Mockup of the WIR:DIGITAL website in a smartphone on a white background with the CTA “Sign up now”
A woman in a blue dress giving a talk at a trade fair on impulses for the construction industry and gesturing with her hands.
Autodesk trade fair banner with logo hanging from the ceiling


  • Campaign concept
  • Overall concept, copy editing, filming and editing customer interviews
  • Photo shoots
  • Building and regularly updating the campaign landing page
  • Content syndication
  • Developing campaign formats: thought leader event, podcast, webinars, and executive briefings
  • Extending the campaign on social media
  • Email marketing
Mockup from the Thought Leader campaign website in a Macbook on a white table: a quote and the three most important key messages in an overview


Anyone looking to position themselves as a thought leader must first gain the trust of their target group. This is why we turn to the voices of customers and industry visionaries themselves, thus allowing them to become multipliers. The result is a clear distinction from competitors and high awareness in the market.

Cameraman Felix operating his camera.
Nicolas Mertzios standing in a photo studio and smiling
Autodesk logo on a black background in a smartphone

A dialogue-driven campaign

  • Customer retention

    Strengthening relationships with existing C-level contacts and generating leads through event and webinar formats

  • Exchange platform

    Continuous engagement with the target group by establishing the Ich habe einen Plan” B2B podcast

Leadership is what happens when smart people put on their thinking caps. We present them as confident individuals – professionally photographed and sharing their views in dialogue form.

Arne Saxe

Creative Director

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