Event communication


Autodesk’s annual Automotive Innovation Forum celebrates the future of the automotive industry. This international event brings together top-tier specialists in design, development, and strategy for two days to discuss pioneering innovations and the latest technologies.

Flavour handled communication for the event.

Black image on which an electrical device can be seen with a greenish tint


Autodesk wanted a premium design and professional voice to make itself instantly recognisable as a solution partner to the automotive industry. The goal was to spark the interest of this discerning target group and generate registration leads. What’s more, a catchy claim was needed to emotionally charge the event.

Black futuristic car with gullwing doors in front of a classy black backdrop with LED strips
Screenshot of the registration page for the Automotive Innovation Forum 2022


  • CI: event claim & key visual
  • Communication kit for speakers
  • Web design: landing page
  • Spatial design: event stage
  • Email marketing & social media promotion
  • Video: event video design, event teaser, highlights video
Screenshot of Photoshop where an image of a futuristic car is being edited. The image is titled
Advertising material with the text
Two robot arms work on one device, the picture is titled

A widely recognised event

  • Full house

    Target registration was achieved early on

  • Brand design

    The event CI was a faithful representation of Autodesk and was used throughout

  • Social buzz

    AIF recordings ensure engagement continues long after the event

  • Brand message

    Autodesk successfully positioned as a technology partner for thought leaders

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