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The world is built on BIM (building information modelling). But this topic still requires some explanation to many in the industry, including planners, architects, builders, and young professionals. The idea was to create a custom and appealing format for a special interest topic. We’re happy to present “Ich habe einen Plan – the BIM podcast”!

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Most importantly, this is a podcast that’s fun to listen to. It takes BIM – which many people might think is just another dry B2B topic – and presents it from every angle in an entertaining way, with short episodes featuring guests from the building industry. In turn, it enhances the Autodesk brand, which is always there but never hogs the spotlight.

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  • Content editing
  • Sound editing & (post) production
  • Recording & presenting
  • Broadcasting
  • Technical support (recording equipment & platform)
  • Promotion (social media, email, print)
Mockup of advertising material for the “Ich hab ’nen Plan” podcast showing both the front and backsides with the title “Ich hab ’nen Plan” and the claim “Wir bauen gute Themen auf”
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Turning a niche topic into a listening experience

  • Content creation

    The podcast features in multiple campaigns and has a lasting impact on brand image

  • Diversity

    By presenting such a wide range of topics, we establish Autodesk as an experienced, multifaceted brand

  • Target group activation

    The contemporary podcast format reaches the target group, directly and emotionally

  • Technical support

    From recording to broadcasting: we ensure professional performance from start to finish

Arne sits grinning at his MacBook in the coworking space with his hands on the table in front of him.

A podcast has to be entertaining – even and especially with such a niche topic. We select guests who will make for exciting content, and that casts the Autodesk brand in a positive light, too.

Arne Saxe

Creative Director

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