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Website relaunch

Screenshots of the homepage of the veonis website with main navigation, small teaser text and large buttons, which are illustrated with geometric shapes in a 3D look


With more than 50 years of experience in the field, veonis Technologies is a leading provider of equipment, materials, and services to the semiconductor industry and related sectors throughout Europe. veonis wanted an English-language online presence that would tell the story of this sales and service company in a unique way. The new online presence was also intended to serve as a B2B contact point and help make the complex topic of semiconductors easier to understand.


To provide potential customers with a clear overview of the veonis service portfolio, we dramatically streamlined the structure of the website and made its navigation more intuitive. The clean, minimalist design with light areas and subtle blue accents underscores the brand identity and logo design. At the same time, the website conveys a spirit of innovation and progress, and its unique look is instrumental in making it easy to explore the world of sterile semiconductors.

veonis Logo in grayscale and softened, used as a background with geometric shapes
Blue certification seal
Mockup of two views of the veonis website in smartphones: the services page and the careers page
Design elements of the veonis Website: blue cube, blue circle, blue column and blue pyramid, each in a white square with rounded corners
Several gray rings that are nested inside each other and get smaller and smaller towards the middle


  • Website concept
  • Web design
  • Web programming
  • Icon & illustration design
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