Clinic marketing: Website relaunch


The Barmherzigen Schwestern are a religious order based in Munich. They run two urgent care clinics and several social institutions. The look of the existing Maria-Theresia-Klinik website was no longer up-to-date, nor was the content it featured. Our job was to design a contemporary online presence that would be both patient-friendly and SEO-optimised. The focus always had to be on how patients and their loved ones interact with the site. We also had to get the message across that the doors of the Maria-Theresia-Klinik are open to all patients, regardless of their insurance status.

Screenshot from the subpage on thyroid diseases at the Maria Theresa Clinic with graphics and text as well as the option to contact the clinic
A young female doctor in a white coat explains something using a model of a thyroid gland. In front of her are two more models.


User-friendliness is a core element in digital clinic marketing. That’s why we came up with a modern website that’s easy to navigate. All content is SEO-optimised and clearly structured. We succeeded in strengthening the brand essence and uniqueness of a clinic run by a religious order and boosted its visibility. To this end, Flavour coordinated an extensive photo shoot and gave all texts a relatable, emotional tone that captured the core of the personal care provided.


  • Website concept
  • Web design
  • Photo shoot
  • Art direction
  • Content management
2 Screenshots of the Maria Theresa Clinic website showing various content modules
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