My House

Corporate & web design


MyHouse is an investment and asset management company specialising in the residential property market. Its goal: to create affordable living space for everyone. Flavour was commissioned to build a website that would highlight the full range of MyHouse services and present them in a clear way.

Mockup of the My House business card in front and back view showing the logo and symbol
Detailed view of the design process for the My House figurative mark with auxiliary lines
My House logo as a mockup on a house wall


Flavour furnished MyHouse with a modular website that appeals to all target groups, both visually and in its content. The flexible architecture makes it possible to add new content at any time, which in turn offers the company room to grow. Even with its modern, user-friendly design, the website conveys absolute professionalism.

Screenshots of several views of the My House website: company figures, mission statement, a hero image and more views of content modules


  • Logo & corporate design
  • Web programming
  • Web design
Mockups of main page of the My House website in a MacBook, smartphone and tablet with a key visual showing a residential building and the claim “Housing creates value!”
Mockups of several views of the My House website in smartphones: company figures, their mission statement, and a hero image
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