Birger Dehne

Website launch

Mockup of the Birger Dehne website, the logo large in the centre with a low-angle shot of an illustrated property view


Birger Dehne AG is one of Germany’s largest private residential property owners, with an extensive portfolio specialising in the acquisition and refurbishment of existing properties. The company was looking for someone to develop a scrolly-telling website to present the career of entrepreneur Birger Dehne in a playful and relatable way.


Flavour developed a pared-down website concept that uses choreographed animation and detailed illustrations to tell the story of entrepreneur Birger Dehne’s career – from his youthful beginnings and early successes to his current position as one of Germany’s preeminent property owners.

Organised view of different sections of the Birger Dehne website with focus on the subpage “Media reports”


  • Concept for choreographed animation
  • Development of design style
  • Illustrations
  • Development and layout for trilingual scrolly-telling website
Blue illustration of a housing estate with green spaces and playground, wind turbines are indicated on the horizon
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